• Tim Rees

A D&M Case Study - Unified Communications Solution

The Client:

A large financial institution catering to high net worth individuals, with 26 locations and 1300 phones.

The Challenge: 

The customer had a legacy, on premise PBX, and had become accustomed to analog systems. Upon an initial consultation, the customers reveled they only very basic knowledge of unified communications

D&M’s Engagement:

D&M began with several discovery sessions to understand the current environment and identify all the customer’s requirements. Although the customer’s preference was to maintain the functions of their traditional PBX, while being able to leverage the flexibility and scale of a Cloud based solution, D&M still did a full review to confirm this was the best option for the customer.

Based on the identified information, D&M created a full strategy, requirements set and distributed a request for information (RFI) to eight leading suppliers who would potentially meet the customer’s needs, expectations, and overall strategy.

After the response to the RFI narrowed the field down to three companies, D&M facilitated on-site presentations by each of the providers. This process gave the client the ability to become even more immersed in the potential solution, which helped to drive the decision-making process.

An extensive proof of concept was conducted with two of the suppliers which ensured the customer’s certainty around their solution, and that each met their requirements.

Once a final supplier was selected by the customer, D&M assisted in contract negotiations and managed the cut-over and installation, beginning to end.

Impact Made to Client:

Following a successful proof-of-concept, the customer signed a three-year agreement with and moved away from an outdated analog system, resulting in cost savings over $12,000 per month ($432,000 over the life of the contract). Additionally, this client will no longer need to update equipment and software, nor have resources on staff to keep the system fully functioning.

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