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A D&M Cloud Case Study - Full Cloud Strategy

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

The Client:

A smaller company that was expected to grow over 500% in two years.

The Challenge: 

This company had recently been acquired and was expecting rapid growth.   To support this growth, they were seeking to uplift their current technology infrastructure by moving to an Enterprise-Class / Single Source provider that could deliver the following Cloud-based Services: VOIP Phones Service, Virtual Desktops, Core Domain Infrastructure, and Application and Database Servers for its GL platform.  Additionally, they were concerned about security.

D&M’s engagement:

D&M began by conducting discovery sessions to reveal the customer’s full requirements and desired outcomes.  This process uncovered the customer did not have any technology resources which necessitated a fully managed platform, from applications and services to security and all levels of support.

D&M worked with the company to educate them on the various solutions by leading a series of cloud-technology informational sessions.  This allowed the client to understand the vast capabilities that were available by providers in the marketplace.

D&M then presented a proposal to the client, which included a full strategy, recommended vendors, and high-level pricing.  The strategy was defined as an "all-in" cloud adoption approach, which enabled the client to exceed all requirements that were defined earlier.

Once the customer selected the chosen supplier, D&M provided Project Management, Configuration Management, Testing, and Implementation resources, and will provide management and support for the life of the relationship.

Finally, D&M provides additional Level 2 and 3 support to this client by utilizing their on-staff engineering resources

Technology Utilized:

  • Desktop as a Service

  • Unified Communications

  • Infrastructure as a Service

  • Security as a Service

  • Remote Monitoring and Management

  • Point to Point Connectivity

  • Outsourced Level 1 Help Desk

  • Outsourced Level 2 and 3 Support - Provided by D&M


2018 - Present

Impact Made to Client:

The company was able to increase their staff from 80 to over 500 resources in less than two years.  They were also able to redesign their resource strategy as the full cloud approach allowed hiring of work-at-home resources all over the country.  Additionally, by partnering with a world-class provider, there is no limit to how big, or fast they can grow in the future.  

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