• Tim Rees

A D&M Case Study - Cloud Strategy and Deployment

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

The Client:

A Start-up Financial Services Company

The Challenge: 

The customer had no staff and a desire to deliver the majority of its hardware and software solutions via the Cloud.  They had a runway of 18 months to launch a new business.

D&M’s engagement:

  • Helped the client understand the Cloud technology fabric.

  • Aided in assessing the architecture from various SaaS solutions to best determine how to integrate into a single integration platform.

  • Determined the best solution for Virtual Desktops.

  • Determined the best solution for PBX and Contact Center.

  • Designed and implemented the Headquarters local LAN/WAN environment.

  • Managed requirements and escalation across all vendors.

  • Deployed Desktop as a Service (DaaS) services with appropriate security and controls.

  • Deployed UCaaS services (Hosted phones).

  • Deployed Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) for onsite and remote Contact Center Agents.


April 2018 – Present

Impact Made to Client:

Over the course of the past 16 months, the client has successfully launched its platform and business.  It has achieved its goal of leveraging >99% of its solutions via cloud or SaaS providers.  This significantly reduced startup costs and the expense of hiring and maintaining a large IT staff.

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